The importance of social capital in the stakeholder consultation process

Social capital is a collective societal connection and understanding that enables individuals or groups to build trust and to work together. Shared values and connections facilitate co-operation within a network, leading to trust creation and healthy working relationships. When it comes to stakeholder consultation, a network can be a specific company,

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Develop a successful stakeholder consultation questionnaire by asking the right questions

The strength of any consultation comes from asking the right questions. Simply embarking on a community consultation initiative doesn’t mean your organization will receive the participation and feedback outcomes you hoped for. Challenges related to public consultation are felt by organizations from many industries including resource extraction, infrastructure development and

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Stakeholder information management system buying guide

Each industry is unique when it come to stakeholder management. Investing time to define your organization’s business objectives related to the collection, management, and reporting of stakeholder information is essential in order to get started. Ask yourself: What are your primary business reasons for purchasing stakeholder management software? Conform to

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How to Encourage Stakeholder Participation

How to Encourage Stakeholder Participation Infographic

Facilitating highly engaged stakeholder involvement with your consultations is imperative. Taking these steps before, and during, engagement with participants will lead to more positive stakeholder relations and better project outcomes. It is not enough to create the framework to consult with your stakeholders, you can further learn how to encourage

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Infographic: 12 stakeholder consultation questions to ask before your next project

Stakeholder Consultation Questions Infographic

Is your organization planning a new stakeholder consultation project? Before you begin, consider asking these 12 questions to help your team get started – they will help identify some important factors related to consultation parties and issues. Developing a good understanding of the communities, stakeholders, and issues you will be

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The unique dynamics of Stakeholder Information Management

Is it a good idea to use generic relationship management software to manage information related to consultation projects, rights-holder engagement initiatives, and stakeholder engagement campaigns? Does one size fit all when it comes to stakeholder information management software? The short answer is…no. Customer relationship management software is designed for use

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