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stakeholder management mobile app

The power of anytime, anywhere data accessibility makes mobile technology an essential tool to use as part of your organization’s stakeholder communication and management program. Fast and reliable access to important information makes it convenient for managers in the field to stay connected with all of their stakeholders.

Your stakeholder engagement teams can now experience the convenience of communication and data management with the StakeTracker stakeholder management mobile app – wherever they are in the field.

Secure, real time stakeholder communication

As public consultation becomes more integrated into day-to-day business operations, the demands of individuals, groups and governments with respect to stakeholder communication and process management have increased.

By combining the benefits of StakeTracker with the power of mobile technology, your organization now has the ability to quickly access and manage critical information, in turn, helping your consultation team exceed stakeholder expectations. And there are no security concerns for users in the field or the organization. Enterprise-grade encryption and user authentication will assure that all data is safe and privacy concerns are met.

Packed with features and designed for the field

The StakeTracker stakeholder management mobile app is purpose built for consultation professionals working in the field. Your remote teams will always be prepared for every consultation by having all the information they need at their fingertips.

SustaiNet’s StakeTracker Mobile application offers stakeholder consultation professionals a robust set of features that are easy-to-use across a number of different hand held platforms. From communication and issues management to maps and directions to find your way, the StakeTracker stakeholder management mobile app empowers your field based teams to easily and securely manage stakeholder communications on the go.

Key Features: 

  • Look up core records: stakeholder groups, stakeholder individuals, contacts, land interests, and land parcels.
  • Access events and campaigns, to see who participated and which topics were raised.
  • Research topics, concerns, and issues—and see which stakeholders voiced them.
  • Quickly contact stakeholders. Phone or email them directly from StakeTracker Mobile.
  • View the location of land parcels or stakeholder addresses on a map
  • Add or edit event, communications, and stakeholders—update stakeholder contact details right then and there.
  • Save partially entered items as drafts for completion at a later time.
  • Look up other information in StakeTracker while entering a communication, and then return to your draft.

StakeTracker mobile app devices

Create a positive consultation experience

The ability to interact with an organization in the field raises the likelihood that stakeholders will respect your team’s consultation efforts and possibly be more open minded with respect to your project and how it is being managed.

The StakeTracker Mobile App can potentially improve your organization’s relationship with its stakeholders and increase the level and quality of interactions with stakeholders by:

  1. Recording comments and concerns while in the field.
  2. Offering up timely access to information when it comes to referencing previous interactions and key project information during on-site consultations.

Contact us today for more information about the StakeTracker stakeholder management mobile app.

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