Outlook Module

Working your way through a pile of emails is never fun, but StakeTracker’s Outlook Module allows users to quickly and easily convert emails from their inbox into digital records within StakeTracker for reporting along side all other methods of communication.

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Mobile App Module

Experience the power and convenience of adding & viewing stakeholder communications as well as updating stakeholder records from your mobile device – while in the field.

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Issues Management Module

StakeTracker’s Issue Management module lets you track, manage, and report every issue that any stakeholders raise, from initial communication to its exact outcome, including every response in-between before final resolution.

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Case/Grievance Management Module

Deal with stakeholder complaints and grievances! StakeTracker’s Case/Grievance Management Module has been designed to help organizations support their processes for dealing with formal complaints raised by project stakeholders.

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Community Investment Management Module

StakeTracker’s Community Investment module is designed for organizations who want to maximize their positive project impacts by investing in programs that enhance the benefits to the communities in which they operate.

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Compensation Management Module

From compensation for crops to loss of livelihood, this module enables users to record and track any compensation due to local communities for the right to use the land that a project may negatively impact, and for which compensation is a necessity for both parties to benefit.

Professional Services – Our team is here to help your team!

Our Consulting Services Division now offers a wide range of services, from implementing strategies to the complete outsourcing of your stakeholder information management operations, database management and administration, regulatory reporting, data entry, data auditing, process and protocol document development, and ongoing user training as well as other consulting service offerings to help you realize the most value from your software investment.

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